Analog desktop alarm clock CASIO TQ-218-2EF

Analog desktop alarm clock CASIO TQ-218-8EF with alarm function.

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Product Description

CASIO desktop alarm clock with screen that can be seen in the dark due to the screen, indicators and various points that have a Neobrite coating. It also has an electronic alarm clock and Quartz mechanism which is reduced noise so as not to disturb you in the evening. The duration of the alarm sound is 40 seconds and then it starts from the beginning. In addition, it has a repeat key, which when pressed activates snooze for the 5-minute alarm clock. After this time, the alarm will turn on again. Finally, the alarm sound is increasing in volume.


Power supply: 1 SIZE C or LR14 battery
Warranty: 12 months
Alarm clock: Yes
Alarm button: Yes
Alarm tone: Electronic
The package includes: 1 * SIZE C BATTERY
Manufacturer: CASIO
Color: Light blue with black dial
Type: Proportional
Construction material: Plastic

Weight 206.8 g
Dimensions 107 × 60 × 90 mm