Sunlight VRLA battery – AGM technology – 8V 3.2Ah

Battery Sunlight VRLA – AGM technology – 8V 3.2Ah with 400 cycles at 50% and 3-5 years life expectancy, suitable for UPS systems, security alarms, emergency power supply systems, electrical toys etc.

The price includes:

  • Recycle old battery
  • Placement in the store with zero or low cost
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Product Description





Electrical voltage 8.00 [V]  
Capacity (C20) 3.2 [ΑΗ]
Length 134 [mm]
Width 36 [mm]
Height 63 [mm]
Height with poles 69 [mm]
Weight 0.850 [kg]



The SUNLIGHT SPA battery range has a very wide range of applications. It shows very good performance in stand by applications as well as in applications for cyclical use, even under difficult conditions. It is made with upgraded AGM VRLA technology from quality materials and excellent know-how.


  • Hermetically sealed Agm technology lead rechargeable batteries
  • Low pressure system with valve
  • Hight purity material
  • Low self-discharge
  • Very good recovery performance after recharging
  • Zero maintenance, high energy
  • Life expectancy from 3 to 5 years
  • 400 cycles at 50%
  • Design Life 10 years


  • UPS systems
  • Security alarms
  • Back up systems (emergency power supply)
  • Fire safety systems
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Electronic games, CATV
  • Cars for golf , tour carts
  • Electric manual wheelchairs
  • Electric vans, wheelchairs
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Electric motors
  • Photovoltaic systems
Weight 850 g