Noozy Phinea N12 Landline Digital Phone Black

Fixed Digital Phone Noozy Phinea N12 Black with LED display and Wall Mounting

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Product Description

Never before has the simple been so high quality! The Phinea line of phones from Noozy brings high quality devices in both sound quality and functionality! The N12 is a telephone assistant for the home, office or various indoor areas where there is a need to install a telephone device. It is small, light and can be placed both on the table and on the wall. With a minimal design that does not tire in the hand while touching harmoniously with the face, it offers basic functions such as adjusting the volume and switching from pulse to tone system and vice versa with a natural switch located on the side of the handset. The N12 has large keys and functions such as redial, while it has a special LED light that alerts for calls. The dimensions of the phone are: 5X18X4cm while its weight is only 265g. The phone comes with a telephone connection cable and instructions in Greek and English.

Manufacturer: Noozy

Caller ID: No.
Redial: Yes
Answering Machine: No.

Screen: No.
Date – Time display: No.

Additional information
Wall Mounted: Yes
Language Selection: No.

Weight 500 g