The solar lighting system GD-8216 with panels and 3 lamps, is a very economical lighting solution for your space that will free your hands.

Complete solar lighting package with solar panel, battery with dual LED light, FM radio, MP3 player, and usb port for charging devices, 3 led bulbs and usb harness with adapters for charging different devices and mobile phones.

This solar kit is a complete solution for lighting your space, but also for charging and powering many of your daily USB devices, such as your mobile phone.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Use the solar panel included in the kit and charge its rechargeable internal battery.
FM and MP3 radio function

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Product Description

Built-in rechargeable 6V4ah battery
Voltage 110-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Charging time: 13 ~ 15 hours in sunlight
Operating time with one full charge: 4 ~ 6 hours
Output power: 3W
Solar panel 9V / 3.5W (maximum input less than 7W otherwise there is a risk of damaging the battery)
DC 6V output (can charge up to 3 batteries at a time)
USB mobile phone charging function
Battery dimensions: 15 * 20 * 6 cm
Dimensions of solar panel: 26 * 14c * 1.5 cm
Lamp cable: 3.90 meters
* In cloudy conditions the battery can not be fully charged by solar panels

Weight 1200 g