VINNIC 27A alkaline 12V

Vinnic batteries offer you longer performance than ordinary alkaline batteries.

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Product Description

Vinnic A27 batteries are most suitable when you need a reliable, long life from your everyday devices, such as toys, remote controls, car alarms, keychains and various other devices.

Vinnic brand
Disposable Technology
Chemical composition Alkaline
Battery size 27 A
Voltage 12V
Pieces of packaging 1
Match with sizes
1128MP, GP27a, MN27, G27A, A27,27A, L828, EL812, EL-8212, CA22,

LR27, E27A, V27A, V27PX, V27GA, L728, L828,

WE27A, UM27A, LR27A, K27A, 27AE, A27S, P27GA, EPX27, KX27, RPX27

, HS3, NR43, EL812, EL8212, R27A.

Dimensions Δ x M 7.7mm x 28.5mm
Weight 20gr

Weight 20 g