Murata 364 watch battery (SR626SW)

Murata battery with code 364 (SR626SW), with special reinforced texture with silver for longer life but also to prevent liquid leakage. Rated voltage 1.5V, which is usually used in watches. Made in Japan.

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Product Description


Battery type: 321 (SR616SW)

Dimensions: Thickness: 2.20mm

Diameter: 6.80mm

Voltage: 1.55V

Manufacturer: Murata

Quantity: 1 piece per package

Other names:

363, G1, 621 ,V364, GP364, SB-AG 280-34, 280-74, CX60, 164 602, SR621SW, SR621W, SR60, D364, LR621, LR620, LR60, AG1.

Weight 50 g